Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling Crafty

I spent the evening last night watching the Mtv Movie Awards again (to see the New Moon trailer & Rob Pattinson!) while online shopping. My favorite supply shops are http://www.artbeads.com/, http://www.fusionbead.com/, and of course http://www.etsy.com/!! Both Art Beads & Fusion Beads offer free shipping with no minimal purchase!!! Both beads sites have a great selection & good prices, but fusion have a virtually endless amount of glass beads! I could search thru it for hours. Anyway, I scored some beautiful beads & baubles, and can't wait to get started when they arrive!!!

I have some sketchy ideas in my head for some new Twilight jewelry, as well as some other possibilities...........I'm just so impatient!!! (The drawback to free shipping is that it is also the slowest method!!!)

Anyway, I'm "Crafty" and can't wait to get my goodies & get my fix!!! I know all of you other crafters understand!!! :)


  1. I followed you and I added this blog to the team blogroll! You got a great start here! I hope to see tons of new posts!

  2. I am a big fan of artbeads too. I spend entirely too much money with them!!