Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have a problem

I admit it. I have a problem. I am addicted to making things. I have an ongoing list in my head of new projects and ideas to try. Inspiration for these things comes from the silliest & greatest things..... the Poptart box, a dream I had, my daughter's artwork, etc.

It is something that I get honestly, though. I can blame this on my parents, my mother in particular. As far back as my memory allows, she has always been crafty. Her past projects include: topiaries, wooden toys, copper portraits, wreaths, paper mache, paintings, murals, and countless others.

But by far, the best, and most satisfying project she has undertaken is pottery. After taking a class years ago, it is the one thing she has stuck with, and perfected. Her pieces are beautiful, meticulous, and truly one of a kind.

Here is some of her work..............
Catalpa Leaves...made from impressions of real leaves

Owl Bowl

Cupcake Stand

Angel Wall Hanging

Wall Pockets

Those are just a few of her most recent pieces. One of these days I'll post some more of her older pieces.

While I am a "Crafter", my mom definetly classifies as an "Artist". Maybe one day I can be, too!!

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